Annual Clothing Drive

Annual Clothing Drive:As a major community outreach event, the Church of Christ at Forest Hill conducts an annual clothing drive. The clothing drive is traditionally held on the third Saturday in August. However, times can vary due to other church projects. To confirm this year’s event date, please contact the church office during office hours. 
Acceptable Donations Donations are accepted throughout the year. Bagged clothing can be dropped off at the church building located at 3425 Mayfield Road, Cleveland HeightsOhio, 44118.  As a general rule, we do not accept any worn undergarments, T-Shirts with inappropriate advertising or logosor large appliances and furniture On a limited basis, we accept toys, games, small electronics, household items, such as dishes, glasses, cookware, serving ware, and clean linens to include kitchen, bathroom and bedroom items.


Donation Schedule:

With our most recent event, we developed a monthly schedule for donations to coincide with winter, spring and summer wardrobe changes.  The 2010 schedule for Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s clothing  is as follows:

 March  sweaters, coats, outer jackets, and dress suits.
 April  shirts, blouses, sleepwear, sweaters, coats, outer jackets, dress suits.
 May  casual and dress pants, skirts, shorts, casual play wear, sleepwear, sweaters, coats, outer jackets,dress suits.
 June dresses, business suits, casual and dress pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, blouses, sleepwear, sweaters, coats, outer jackets.
 July  all accessories to include: hats, gloves, shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry, dresses, suits, casual and dress pants, skirts, shorts, blouses, sleepwear, sweaters, coats, outer jackets, miscellaneous household items.

Please note that regardless of the schedule, your donations for men, women, and children will be gladly accepted at any time, as long as the church office is open

Church Office Hours:


Tuesday through Friday 9:30AM to 4:00PM
 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
office is closed


Donation Deadline:

The deadline for receiving all items for the give-away is the third Thursday in August prior to the Saturday, 2010 Give-Away.


Contact Information:


If you have any questions regarding clothing acceptance, time of the event, special drop off arrangements, etc., you can contact the church secretary at 216.371.1743, during office hours or fill out the Annual Clothing Drive Form.