Adult Ministries

Sunday morning adult class and Wednesday evening men’s class – taught by Derwood Smith

Wednesday evening women’s class – taught by Shirley Balfour

Community Ministry

We help our community in a variety of ways.  We have a stocked pantry for those with food needs.  We collect and give Christmas gifts to many needy children in our area.  We also have a community-wide clothing giveaway in August.

Prison Ministry

For the past two years we at Forest Hill have had a correspondence Prison Ministry with anyone who needs our help in the prison system. It began with Bradley Mason at the Mansfield prison. As we got to know others, they wrote us with questions or spiritual problems. Others in the Forest Hill family gave us names of their friends or relatives for us to include them in our ministry work. It was a natural flow to send cards to these men at Christmas, Easter, their birthdays, and at times just for encouragement. Along with the cards we send three (3) long postage paid envelopes every four months.  Read more about our prison ministry here.

Sunday School & Children’s Ministry

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Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m.

Here at Forest Hill we offer a Sunday school program for our children.  We are using the Bible Study Guide curriculum so that each class is studying the same portion of the Bible at the same time.

To help encourage our children to read and study their Bibles, we have quarterly activities for them to complete at home.  At the end of each quarter we have a review and the children receive prizes for their accomplishments during the quarter.

The children are given a list of expectations at the beginning of each quarter so what is on the review is never a surprise.  The current quarterly activities are included under a separate tab on this website if you would like to check it out.

Our classes include:

Nursery (birth to 2 years old) – taught by Pam Hawkins

3 years old to Kindergarten – taught by Tricia Hawkins and Karla Martin

1st grade to 3rd grade – taught by George & Janet Hankins

4th grade to 6th grade – taught by Pat Aaron and David LePage

7th grade to 12th grade – taught by George Hankins, Julie Ransom, and Willie Smith

Worship Service Ministries for Children

These ministry classes occur during worship service.

Nursery – birth to 2 years old
Children hear Bible stories and engage in activities to help them learn about God and his expectations for us.

Kids Praise – 3 years old to 2nd grade
Children practice Bible drills and facts, and songs telling Bible stories.  This class occurs the second Sunday of the month through the last Sunday of the month, typically three to four times a month.

Junior Kids Ministry (JKM) – 3rd grade to 6th grade
Children practice Bible drills and facts and work on various outreach projects within the congregation and community.  This class occurs one time per month.

Teen Praise – 7th grade to 12th grade
Teens’ practice Bible drills and facts, learn to apply Biblical principles to their every day life and work on various outreach projects within the congregation and community.  This class occurs one time per month.

Summer Time

Third Sunday in June until the Sunday after Labor Day, we give our children a break from traditional Sunday school classes.

During the summer months we combine our classes and complete various projects and activities to help the children maintain the Bible knowledge they have gained during the previous year.